The ArdentSky Managed Services


For gaming enterprises who, on occasion, require additional capacity to meet upcoming licensure submission obligations, ArdentSky’s experienced compliance experts are available to assist with completion of domestic and international gaming and non-gaming licensing applications and to liaise with domestic and international regulators to determine legislative requirements.

In addition, these experts are available to conduct regulatory research, to assist with due diligence and project management tasks, and to consult on special regulatory-related projects.


The Co-sourcing option is for those gaming enterprises that have elected to subscribe to the License Module of the ArdentSky Compliance Suite™ yet from time-to-time require outside compliance experts to assist with capacity.

In these instances, an ArdentSky licensing professional(s), expert in the operation of the ArdentSky Compliance Suite, is granted access to the application (either on-site or through remote access) and is able to complete and generate the required applications as if a full-time employee.