The ArdentSky Analytics Module™

The ArdentSky Analytics Module™ provides real-time insight into numerous compliance activities within the ArdentSky Compliance Suite.

The module allows authorized users direct access to cumulative data from the various ArdentSky Compliance Suite modules to generate a multitude of reports for submission to regulators (e.g. Licensed Employees per Jurisdiction) and for internal resource planning (e.g. Licensed Employees per Gaming Facility).

Moreover, the module includes an analytic cockpit that arms users and supervisors alike with a bird’s-eye view of relevant compliance department activities, including the number of license submissions per month, the status of all licenses (e.g. how many active, inactive, expired, etc.), spending trends over time, and the distribution of workload across employees.

Reports can be exported to Excel and to PDF and utilized by other applications. Analytics are presented in the compliance cockpit using clear and user-friendly charts which can be exported to PDF for use by Compliance Committees and other business groups.