The ArdentSky Compliance Calendar Module™

The ArdentSky Compliance Calendar Module enables users to view all licenses in the Personal and Corporate Application Management Modules. These licenses can then be filtered to select licenses that require renewal. With the module’s project management capability, users can (a) quickly identify the number up application projects each employee is working on, (b) review the status of each project, and (c) assign new projects to employees with lighter workloads.

The Compliance Calendar can be set up to automatically synchronize with Microsoft Office® and other commercial e-mail and calendar systems, so that you have advance notice and reminders for licenses in need of renewal.

In addition, the Compliance Calendar tracks ongoing license maintenance requirements, for example due dates for personal submissions related to corporate applications, corporate financial an employee reports required on the scheduled spaces to maintain the respective corporate licenses, and other configurable events schedule by users.

The Compliance Calendar also includes Cost Data to allow users to track all expenses related to obtaining a license for a given employee or entity or for a Regulator. The Cost Data is cumulative and can be used for budgeting purposes and to analyze licensing activities (e.g., cost of licenses versus contract value).