The ArdentSky Compliance Suite™

The requirement for both gaming and non-gaming related companies to submit application forms to regulatory bodies in every jurisdiction where the company conducts business is an expensive and onerous proposition.

Many gaming enterprises have a dedicated staff of employees who obtain the application forms for all jurisdictions where the company operates, oversee the continuous change management associated with updates to the application forms, acquire, assemble and manage the requisite personal and business information from a variety of sources within the company, interface with up to hundreds of jurisdictions annually, and maintain complex compliance calendars to ensure timely submissions.

The ArdentSky Compliance Suite has been designed to enable a user to input detailed personal and business information into a secure, centralized database and then use this information to automatically populate employee and corporate application forms.

The system consists of a (i) centralized data repository, which is installed behind the firewall of each user organizations computer network system, where all required personal, financial and historical information can be input and securely stored, (ii) an intelligent system with comprehensive data management, form generation and reporting capabilities, and (iii) a forms library that houses the jurisdictional application forms that are germane to each company's operations.

The user is able to call up an employee's personal, financial and historical information or the corporation’s financial and historical information and in less than 60 seconds populate the application form with the appropriate data.

The ArdentSky Compliance Suite contains a variety of features and functionality that has been organized within four sub-modules ꟷ the Personal Application Management Module, the Corporate Application Management Module, the Compliance Calendar and an Analytics Module.

Once all corporate and employee information has been entered into the secure ArdentSky Compliance Suite and the data quality assured, the benefits are enormous.

Each corporate and employee application can be completed/reviewed in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Personal and corporate data can be re-purposed again and again.

Repeatable best practice processes ensure greater accuracy and consistency because the risk of ‘operator errors’ is minimized.

A centralized database optimizes the efficient adding/updating and maintenance of employee and corporate information.

In addition to helping assure the timely submission of each application, the Compliance Calendar feature assists as an important planning tool to help management arrange for contingencies during vacations or during peak periods when more applications may be due for submission than usual.

Management will be able to generate a battery of reports to monitor project workflow and scheduling.

The ArdentSky Compliance Suite is scalable. If a company experiences significant organic growth or expansion through an acquisition, the system can be scaled to accommodate the additional employees, jurisdictions and/or corporate entities without having to bring on new full-time employees.